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1I am suffering from depression and constant anxiety and I feel a bit improvement by taking some sedatives, but once I stop the medicine, all symptoms come back, what is the solution
In recurrent depressions, it is desirable to follow both pharmaco therapy(Medicines) and psychotherapy sessions in parallel to correct misguided thoughts and control emotions and stress
2I am introverted and I feel scared when I am with a group and cannot deal with them, What is the treatment of this situation
This is social anxiety disorder or also called social phobia. It needs to learn the skills of effective relationships and also to integrate with society and not to escape from grouping
3What is the best treatment for severe OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)
Before determination the best treatment, the patient should be carefully diagnosed thus you can get the utilization of the remedy either, pharmacological or cognitive behavior therapy. In general obsessive-compulsive disorder is an authoritarian thought and a compulsive behavior that is repeated in the individuals and accompanies it and acquires them and cannot resist it. The best treatment is determined by the specialists and according to priorities that the specialist estimates the situation
4I'm suffering from insomnia and can't sleep early at night because of over thinking; I really cannot stop that before sleep..What should I do
You have to follow the style of healthy sleep with a few stimulants and going to bed only at the time of sleeping. Doing exercise & sports in the morning ... Avoid eating fatty meals before sleep ... Do not sleep during the day ... Practicing relaxation exercises constantly could help you effectively
5I am suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder and I want the best mood stabilizer medicine and antidepressant
The treatment couldn't be described orally or OTC (over the counter). It needs supervision of the specialist after the evaluation of psychological and physical status of the patient. The disease has relapse periods which need modification of treatment

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